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TIME/FRAME/MATTER was conceived at Wayne State University (Detroit)

in a digital media lab some time in 2017.


Spearheaded by artists,

Richard Haley and Felecia Chizuko Carlisle, 

the curatorial themes for exhibitions are rooted in shared curiosities & histories,  and born out of friendly conversations

that result in questions like...


-What happens between an artist and material in mediated space? 

-How does the virtual invite new metaphors around sensuality and agency?

-Where are the edges of being, place, site, and thingness?

TIME/FRAME/MATTER exhibitions are co-organized by artists who share efforts with the galleries and institutions

in their regions,

creating a system of support for this experimental work from the roots. 


Contributors include Aggregate Space (San Francisco), Bert Green Gallery (Chicago), Emerson Dorsch (Miami), Wayne State University (Detroit).

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